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We work with you to improve your quality of air.



  • Filter bank upgrades
  • Filter service
  • Filter preventative maintenance program

The filter is the best way to stop unwanted contaminants getting into the air you breathe.Dirty-v-Clean

Over time pollution from everyday life and weather can fill these filters to the point they are no longer efficient. Other factors, like construction work in a surrounding area, can shorten their efficiency even more. Dirty filters also provide the perfect breeding ground for fungal spores.

Replacing or cleaning these filters is only one of the steps we use to improve your quality of air. We offer a thorough filter preventative maintenance program. We come to your premise and service your HVAC filters giving you improved ventilation efficiency and hygiene. IMG_0967


Also by looking at the unit surrounding these filters is another way of prolonging their life and effectiveness. By removing and cleaning pre filters at the AHU or even repairing and upgrading all of the filter housing, will all help in improving your air hygiene.

We are happy to come and look at your existing units and work together with you to find ways of improve their overall efficiency.

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