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HVAC Cleaning

HVAC Cleaning

  • Coil and fan cleaning
  • Air conditioning decontamination and plant cleaning
  • Toilet exhaust fan and grill cleaning


Dirty coil                  clean coil

The filters are not the only part of your A/C unit that collects dirt and build up. This can occur on almost all the surfaces through out your system, including the all important A/C coils.

EMS uses products specifically designed for the task of removing this build up. Apart from keeping your unit clean this will make it run more efficiently.

We also remove dust and dirt from toilet exhaust fans and the external grille. This ensures airflow is not restricted and are clean and tidy appearance to customers and workers.

More importantly build up on the main supply air fan can cause balance issues. This could in turn cause more faults and problems with prolonged use.

Toilet exhaust dirty

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