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Hygiene Audits

Hygiene Audits

  • HVAC Hygiene Assessment
  • Photographic and video audits
  • Post verification cleanliness report

We understand that so much of your HVAC system is not easy to see and might seem impossible to monitor its internal condition.

That’s why we offer a professional photographic assessment of all aspects of the system to help you understand what cleaning/remediation program is best suited to your needs. You will get a comprehensive hygiene audit detailing the type and severity of any contamination in air handling units, fan coil units and all its associated ductwork.

We also check the surrounding areas of your HVAC system such as ceiling voids and air plenums. These areas are also important to keep clean as they can be subject to water penetration causing mould or dust and debris build up.

Before any work takes place, we spend time with you about how you want to proceed. We will do our best to make options available to you that will suit your individual needs.

Upon completion, we will again supply you with photographic evidence of the new condition of your systems. This combined with a Post Verification Cleanliness Report is all there to help put your mind at rest. You can be sure that your system is running at its maximum efficiency.



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